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With the rapid development of cities, the demand for tap water is also expanding year by year. Ductile iron pipe has the advantages of iron essence, steel performance, strong anti-corrosion performance, good ductility, easy and quick installation, etc., and has become an ideal material for tap water transportation. With the expansion of market demand, the output of ductile iron pipes produced by ductile iron pipe manufacturers has grown rapidly, which not only expands the space for customers to choose, but also increases the difficulty of selection. Due to the particularity of tap water pipelines, the selection of ductile iron pipes When purchasing, we must put quality first, and consider factors such as service life and price. Sichuan bosig international trade has more than 15 years of experience in R & D and export. From dn80-dn1600, the length supports customization(The default length is 6m), and then according to the detailed requirements of customers, we strictly control every process, and we are bound to achieve customer satisfaction. Then it is necessary to pay attention to the technological content in the product. The situation of using ductile iron pipes is quite special, and the terrain, soil corrosion, pipeline shedding, long-distance transportation and other characteristics should be considered, so do not underestimate a small ductile iron pipe

The next step is when you want to purchase, how to choose? It's okay, we'll tell you the answer
1. The selection of ductile iron pipes should be based on the specific conditions of the laying site, and the interface form between the straight pipe and the fittings should be selected.
2. The rubber ring is recommended to use EPDM rubber ring, etc.
3.Coating selection: choose a suitable coating according to the internal and external conditions during use. The existing inner coatings are new products of ductile iron pipes such as epoxy resin, polyurethane inner and outer coatings, and PE film coatings, and their properties should be understood in detail when selecting them.

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Post time: Jun-03-2019